Some Healthy Foods

Foods with fiber, vegetables:

• Steamed vegetables, stewed (not too much), grilled, every day. • Salad if it is very hot and if we have a digestive system that is not very weak. • Whole or swollen cereals or organic muesli (non-commercial) • Cooked fruits such as roasted apple, etc. • Mashed carrots, squash and some onions are highly recommended, especially at night, for nervous people who need to sedate the liver or depending on sweets.

Carbohydrates :

• Wholemeal, natural or moist whole-grain yeast bread (not roasted) • Whole or swollen cereals or biological muesli (non-commercial) • Organic jam (eg bitter orange or berries) • Sesame bars or molasses waffles of rice • Brown rice and whole grain pasta • Oatmeal or quinoa milk • Small legumes; chickpea, black beans, blue beans, lentils.

Proteins :

• Fish and seafood. Anchovies, tuna, bonito, mackerel • Pink or white veal. Suckling lamb Chicken. Poultry turkey • Acorn ham; Acorn-cut pork leg • Cooked egg, grilled or in French omelette (maximum 2 eggs per week) • Small legumes; Chickpea, black beans, azuki, lentils. • Brown rice and whole grain pasta • Tofu (must be cooked for one hour and change the water every day). • Seitan if tolerated or digested well.


• Crude olive oil • Coarse sea salt • Rice vinegar • Spices in moderate quantity: turmeric, curry, traditional spices especially.

Sweeteners and sweets :

• Rice molasses, panela or rapadura to sweeten, or stevia radix in drops or tablets • Organic jam (for example bitter orange or berries) • Fruit compotes without added sugars • Pure cocoa in tablet without milk or small sugar quantity and sporadically to sedate the dependence on sweets.

Drinks :

• Carrot, beet, lemon and mixed apple juice • Oat or quinoa milk • Natural coffee, or cereal compounds, alone or with oat or quinoa milk • Miso soups (in winter) • Beer with alcohol (very moderately ) • Red aging wine, reserve or large reserve (very moderately) • White grape wine (very moderately)


Iron : • Raw parsley, beets, lentils, meat (of those recommended).

Calcium : Beneficial foods: Cereals. Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. Sardines, wild salmon, almonds and nuts (cooked), black beans. Turnips, broccoli, Alfalfa.

Foods to be suppressed: Refined hydrocarbons: white flour, white sugar, non-integral sweets, jams, pastries, candies, sugary drinks (almost all) … Coffee and alcohol. Cola drinks Salt and antacids with aluminum.

Amount of calcium in food … Food Calcium in mgrs / 100 grs.

Hiziki Seaweed 1400 Wakame Seaweed 1300 Kelp Algae 1099 Sesame Seeds 975 Araga Seaweed 830 Kombu Seaweed 800 Sardines 443 Seaweed Agar Agar 400 Seaweed Nori 390 Almonds 266 Amaranth 222 Nato 217 Beer Yeast 210 Hazelnuts 209 Turnip Leaves 190 Brazil Nuts 186 Crepe Cabbage 186 179 Bean 150 Quinoa 141 Parsley 138 Black beans 135 Pistachios 135 Black beans 135 Kale 135 Cabbage 135 Walnut 134 Spirulina 131 Watercress 120 Sunflower seeds 116 Tofu 100 Walnuts 99 Spinach 99 Tempeh 93 Shrimp 92 Sargo 89 Mussel 88 Oyster 82 Miso 80 Lentil 79 Salmon 79 Azuki 75 Oats 54 Eggs 49 Brown rice 33 Blue fish 23 Cod 13 Chicken 11 Minced meat 10. Many fish and seafood are also very rich in calcium. Source: USA and Japan food composition tables, 1998

Essential fatty acids : • First-pressure oils from vegetable seeds. Eg: sesame, sunflower, linen, etc. • Borage oil, hemp, and primrose. • Hazelnut and almond nuts (nuts always cooked, or hydrated, not dried). • Mainly blue fish: mackerel, salmon, herring and tuna. • Pumpkin seeds, flax, soy, wheat and hemp germ and their oils. (GLA) • Seed oil

Some recommended publications :

– Diet, nutrition and prevention of chronic diseases. report of a joint WHO / FAO consultation. Executive Summary World Health Organization. Geneva – January 1991.

– Energy nutrition and health. Dr. Jorge Pérez-Calvo

– Chapter!: Diet and Nutrition. The tao of health, sex and long life. Daniel Reid Uranus.

– Chapter 6: simple proposals to maintain optimal health without effort. The eternal secrets of health. Andreas Moritz Obelisk.

Some Movies : – Supersize Me – We feed the world – Ayurveda.

May the best medicine be your food.

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