The hidden microbiology

On the web you can find information about this scientist and his avatars, you will be surprised at what is written, it seems like a police novel. But what interests us is the polymorphism and the researchers who talked about the cancer microorganism. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) was an undoubted scientist, we are not here to prove it. He worked for Zeiss ( current Spanish website ) for the American government and for private benefactors such as Henry Timken.

In 1920 he began to investigate the possibilities of electrical treatment of diseases. He built a 5,682-piece microscope that saw live microorganisms and also the “Beam Ray Machine”, several increasingly improved versions, a frequency machine that killed microorganisms: in this video you can see how microorganisms with frequencies can be broken down. Timken (from the Timken Roller Bearing Co. and Bridges Transportation Co.) provided him with funds for research, beginning with tuberculosis and in 1922 with cancer research.


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