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The CDC ( Centers for Disease Control , Atlanta, USA) took 14 years (1981-1995) to build AIDS. Steps:

1.- 1981: in the USA, as of 5/6 the CDC affirmed, without any scientific evidence, that they had detected a contagious disease in Homosexuals, characterized by an immunodeficiency and inevitably fatal !, to which they named GRID (Gay Related ImmunoDeficiency) . Thus they started the construction of AIDS.

And to justify this first deception, the CDC directed all the tricks, heterodoxies, frauds and corruptions necessary to be able to impose a worldwide falsehood that had a pseudoscientific and technological appearance

2.- 1982: the CDC affirms in June with 452 cases that there is an “epidemic”, including 12 old diseases as defining and “four o’clock”, they change the name to AIDS and affirm that “AIDS is viral”, so that promote all the traps necessary to be able to fraudulently announce to the world that “the virus has been found”

3.- 5/20/1983: Dr. Luc Montagnier states (without demonstrating it) in the journal Science that he has isolated a virus in a pre-AIDS patient. For this article without any rigor, he was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine

4/23/1984: Without a single scientific article to support it, Dr. Robert Gallo announces at a press conference that he has found the virus that causes AIDS. Thus was born the fiction that since 1987 is called HIV / AIDS, also based on a scientific fraud in Science of 4/5, as evidenced by three documents made public in 2008

5.- 1985: ELISA tests are designed, manufactured and approved not to diagnose “HIV infection” but only to screen blood donations and destroy those that test positive

6.- 1987: mini-revolution within official AIDS: Heterosexuals are introduced, the WB test is passed, it is imposed on August 14 that ‘positive test’ means ‘active HIV infection’, the chemotherapeutic AZT is approved and coined HIV AIDS

7.- 1995: great revolution within the official HIV / AIDS, the AIDS assembly being established as it is known today. It consists of five components: 1) the HIV assumption model is changed, from the “HIV-Montagnier-HIV-model” to the “HIV-Ho-model”; 2) Cocktails are approved; 3) this chemotherapy is applied under the slogan “hit fast, hit hard”; 4) the false indirect marker called “viral load” is introduced; 5) it goes from the deceit “AIDS is inevitably deadly” to the softest lie “AIDS is a chronic disease”

8.- It will be addressed how the CDC included as “AIDS defining diseases” the biological processes that, in Dr. Hamer’s approach, appear with the labeling and overcoming the biological conflicts that it causes

9.- Why did the CDC build the AIDS criminal gear? Soft hypothesis Hard hypothesis

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